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GIT Museum Entrance

In this museum, the entire processing chain of gems and jewelry is illustrated, from mining of minerals through the cutting, polishing and enhancement processes, to the manufacture of finished jewelry.

Exhibits include the origin of gems and minerals, lapidary arts, classification of gemstones and precious metals, quality grading, jewelry manufacturing procedures, as well as that of synthetic & imitation gemstones.

The exhibition zones in the museum are as follows:

Zone A: Origin and gemstone mines in Thailand

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Zone B: Gem & Mineral Classification
Zone C: Diamond

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Zone D: Cutting and jewelry manufacturing

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Zone E: Organic gemstones
Zone F: Synthetic gemstones
Zone G: Gold mines and other precious metals

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Zone H: Fashion jewelry
Theater: Video showing the origin of gemstones from extraction to the production of jewelry. Also a special exhibit of gem fluorescence
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